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Spice up your Campaign – A resource full of ideas

The organisation “More Onion” has collected interesting ideas to get off the beaten path of your digital campaign.

Have you wondered how you could reach beyond the “choir”?

Would you consider creating a fake conference website to attract visitors towards your advocacy objective?

Is your target not listening to your campaign petition and you need to smoke them out of their den?

Do you want to hear more about how retargeting adds can make your campaign look totally huge in the eye of your target?

If you’d say YES to any of the above, this REPORT is for you !

More onion is a digital mobilisation specialists, working exclusively with progressive non-profits to deliver high-impact digital campaigns and fundraising. You can find out more about us at www.more-onion.com and our campaigning and fundraising platform ‘Campaignion’ at https://www.campaignion.org/