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SOGI Campaigns is for activists defending Sexual and Gender Diversities

“SOGI” stands for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities. This site is dedicated to all who want to make a change in the world towards more acceptance and equality for people who don’t fit the traditional patterns. These are of course Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender people, but also all who don’t fit into mainstream representations of what “makes” a man or a woman: Queers, Intersex people, people labeled by their own cultural codes: Indian “Hijras”, Thai “Katoeys”, etc.-, and “straight” people who feel oppressed by rigid gender representations.

It is a collective work involving hundreds of activists worldwide.

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Angela Frolov - Moldova

Angela (she) is a dedicated LGBT+ activist.  Having a degree in social psychology and psycho-pedagogy, her work primarily addresses issues like human rights and preventing discrimination. As CEO of GENDERDOC-M Information Centre and a program coordinator for advocacy, Angela has contributed significantly to promoting LGBT rights in Moldova. The recognition of her efforts through the UN Human Rights Award reflects her impact and dedication towards creating a more just and equal society.

Anthony Lopez - The Philippines

Mx. Toni (they) are an advocate of many causes. They are member of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative, and Y-PEER Pilipinas, founder of the Y-Cap for SRHR, founder of United Colours of CapSU, and Alumnus of Women Deliver Young Leaders Program. Back in 2018, they were awarded as the SDG 5 Youth Champion due to the amiable service they have rendered for gender equality. They are currently managing the organisation Youth Voices Count, the Asia-wide network of LGBTQI+ Youth.

Anthony Oluoch – Kenya

Anthony (he) is the Executive Director of Gay Kenya Trust, an organization that works towards equality and non-discrimination for all including gay and lesbian individuals in Kenya. As a lawyer, he has previously worked as the Legal and Human Rights Officer at the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya where he was instrumental in designing and initiating the implementation of what was then a strategy towards decriminalization of adult consensual same-sex conduct. He currently sits in the advisory panel of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award.

Berfin Atli - Turkey

Berfin Atlı (she), a Kurdish and queer feminist activist, is the Culture, Art and Academic Studies Coordinator at the Social Policy, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association (SPoD), which works on LGBTI+ rights in Turkey. She also coordinates the Alliance for Narrative Power, an alliance to combat anti-gender narratives. This alliance aims to develop cooperation between different movements against anti-gender actors and harmful narratives and to look for creative and innovative ways.

Bin Xu – China

Bin Xu (she) is a dedicated LGBT rights activist in China.
In 2004 Bin founded Common Language, a support and rights group for lesbians, bisexual women and transgender people in China. In 2008 Bin Xu con-founded Beijing LGBT Center, and served as its executive director from 2009-2010.

Caleb Orozco - Belize

Caleb (he) is an LGBT activist in Belize. He became politically active when he was 31, after attending a workshop in Belize City for gay men and for people living with HIV, and  co-founded the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM). He was the chief litigant in a case successfully challenging the anti-sodomy laws of Belize.

Carla Sutherland - South Africa

Carla (she) is currently an independent consultant, a visiting scholar at CUNY Graduate Center, and a senior advisor at the Vaid Group.  Prior to this she was Director of Programmes at the Other Foundation in South Africa.  Previously, she was a visiting scholar at the Gender and Sexuality Law Center, at Columbia University;  the Director of  International Programs at the Arcus Foundation; and she led the Ford Foundation’s education and sexuality program in Eastern Africa where she fostered a partnership among global and regional funders to establish a new human rights fund focused on support for sexual minorities, that led to the establishment of The East Africa Sexual Health and Rights Initiative (UHAI).

Carmel Marock - South Africa

Carmel (she) is South African – she has been an activist for many years and in the last 20 years an evaluator. Carmel works across Africa as well as Globally to support local, national and regional organisations, working towards gender equality and in particular on SOGI rights, in order to understand the contribution that these organisations are making to change and to support learning, adaptability and resilience.

Danilo Da Silva - Mozambique

Danilo (he) is a founding member of Lamba, the first LGBT organization in Mozambique. He is a strong advocate for advancement on LGBT rights not only in his country but also in the region and globally. He has been PAN African ILGA co-chair, AMSHeR (African Men for Sexual Health and Rights) board-member.

Dastan Kasmamytov - Kyrghyzstan

Dastan (he) is LGBT+ activist from Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. He was one of the first in his home country who came out publicly.
Dastan is now a reckless adventurer, who cycled from Central Asia to Germany and now plans to conquer 9 Summits, the highest mountains of each continent. With his “Pink Summits” campaign, Dastan aims to inspire LGBT+ people to believe in their powers to change the world and to discover that they are not victims but heroes.

Fabrice Houdart - Corporate sector

Between 2016 and 2020, Fabrice (he) worked as Human Rights Officer for the United Nations Free & Equal campaign. He co-authored and led the United Nations Global LGBTI standards of conduct for Business, the largest corporate social responsibility initiative on LGBTI issues in the World. Previously, Fabrice was Senior Country Officer at the World Bank where he worked from 2001 to 2016. Fabrice holds an MBA from American University in DC. Fabrice volunteers on the Board of Outright Action International, Housing Works, the NYC Gay Men’s Chorus,  Alturi, the KindRED Pride Foundation, Witness to Mass Incarceration and the Institute of Current World Affairs (ICWA). In 2019, he received the Golden Gate Business Association Award, the IGLTA Pioneer Award and the Alan Turing LGTBIQ Award for his human rights work. He lives in New York City with twin sons  Maxime and Eitan.

Ging Cristobal - Philippines

A lesbian feminist activist since 1997, Ging (she) has worked extensively for legal and social change in the Philippines. She was the Executive Director and one of the founders of the Lesbian Advocates Philippines (LeAP!) She was also one of the founders and active members of Task Force Pride, the local network engaged in organizing the annual LGBT Pride event in the Philippines, of the Asia Pacific Rainbow, a regional LGBT organization, and a former member and party list nominee of LADLAD, a national LGBT political organization for LGBT people in the Philippines.

Ging has been a technical advisor of UNDP Being’s Asia regional project LGBT in Asia, and is acting Chairperson of the Quezon City Pride Council, instrumental in having the anti-discrimination ordinance passed in Quezon City.  Ging is one of the co-founder & member – ASEAN SOGIE Caucus, a coalition of LGBT groups in Southeast Asia advocating for the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGIE) in the ASEAN.

She joined OutRight Action International in 2008 as Project Coordinator for Asia and the Pacific.

Grainne Healy – Ireland

Grainne (she) is Chairwoman of Marriage Equality and former Co Director of Yes Equality, the coalition that brought a landslide victory for the referendum on marriage equality in Ireland in 2015

Grainne is a long time feminist activist, former chairwoman of National Women’s Council of Ireland and Vice President of European Women’s Lobby. Co author of ‘Ireland Says Yes’ (Merrion Press, 2016) and Editor of ‘Crossing the Threshold – Story of Marriage Equality in Ireland’ (Merrion Press, June 2017). She is currently rolling out training for Council of Europe SOGI Unit on relationships recognition to member states of Council of Europe. A recipient of a Gay And Lesbian Award (GALA)for her lgbt activism in 2015, she was also awarded ‘Tatler woman of the Year’ 2015 and recently, Dublin City University awarded her an Almuni Special Achievement Award in 2017 for her work on LGBT rights and marriage equality in the Yes Equality campaign.

Helen Kennedy – Canada

Helen (she) became Egale’s Executive Director in 2007. She is the first woman to hold the position. She joined the organization with 22 years of experience in politics both as an elected city councillor and a political staffer. Helen’s work includes the Climate Survey on Homophobia and Transphobia in Canadian Schools, the first national survey of its kind in Canada, and provides critical findings on bullying to schools, educators and governments.

Hiker Chiu - Taiwan, OII Chinese founder, Intersex Asia co-chair

Hiker (they) is the founder of the Oii-Chinese the first intersex website and organization for Chinese speaking intersex community, based in Taiwan since 2008. Hiker is the first intersex activist who came out in Taiwan to raise intersex awareness in a positive way publicly by initiating the “Global Free Hugs with Intersex Movement” in the 8th Taipei Pride Parade 2010. Hiker initiated “Intersex Asia” on Facebook to gather and incubate new intersex activists from Asia since 2013. Two years later Hiker called for the first Asian intersex activists gathering in the ILGA Asia Taipei and was elected as the first intersex co-chair of ILGA ASIA. 2018 Intersex Asia Network was established officially during the First Asian Intersex Forum and Hiker Chiu was selected as the co-chair.

HlaMyat Tun - Myanmar

Hla Myat (he) is one of several LGBT activists that openly challenged prejudices and discriminatory practices in Myanmar, demanding equality and acceptance of LGBT persons across Myanmar society. He is leading the LGBTI organization Colors Rainbow and co-founded Myanmar’s inaugural LGBT film festival “&PROUD,” that aimed to create more space for the LGBT community and constructive conversations and engagement among the broader public. He has been working with the Ministry of Education for inclusion of SOGIE in formal education setting, and has been collaborating with lawyers, parliamentarians for legal reform to protect LGBT people in Myanmar.

Joel Bedos – France

Joel (he) has been the main facilitator for more than 10 years of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, building it into one of the main global annual landmarks of LGBTQI+ advocacy. 
Out of this expertise, and his 20 years of campaigning for global justice for Oxfam and Actionaid, Joel developed in 2015 the Sogicampaigns project. Joel specialises in communications, narrative building, framing and values-based approaches.

Juan Pigot – Suriname

Juan (he) has been organising many events in Suriname, from Pride marches to IDAHOT events, film festivals, etc. His current main engagement is with PAREA, a network of LGBT professionals in the country. As such, he has been involved in international work on workplace equality.

Justin Francis Bionat - Phillipines

Justin (he) has been the Regional Coordinator of  Youth Voices Count,
a network focused on young key affected populations and other sexual and
gender minorities. Youth Voices Count advocates for Sexual and
Reproductive Health in the Asia-Pacific Region for young gay, bisexual
and other Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) populations, as well as other,
young LGBTQ identities. He is the founder of the Iloilo Pride Team, a
community-based organization in Iloilo City.

Kevin Truong - USA

Kevin (he) is a documentary photographer, filmmaker, and journalist. He first received recognition for his work with the Gay Men Project, a photo project in which he has documented the lives of gay and queer men across 37 countries. He also regularly contributes stories to NBC Out at NBC News, where he has covered a range of topics including the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the LGBTQ movement in Vietnam, and the fight for marriage equality in Australia. His work has been recognized internationally, including by the Huffington Post, Complex: Art and Design, Fast Company, iD Magazine (Spain), Le Monde (France), and OGlobo (Brazil).

Lana Gobec - Slovenia

Lana (she) joined Legebitra in January 2015 and was actively involved in advocacy efforts surrounding adoption of Marriage Equality amendment in spring 2015 and later in the Marriage Equality referendum campaign in December 2015. Afterwards she was involved in broader advocacy project within which “Kaj pa ti opaziš?” (“What do you notice?”) campaign was created. Before joining Legebitra she interned for a European Parliament MP and was active in the liberal political youth section.

Leo Zbanca - Moldova

Leo (he) is an LGBTQ+ activist currently working as an Organisational Development Project Coordinator at GENDERDOC-M Information Center. With degrees in social psychology and film directing, Leo conducts training courses and workshops, and provides mentorship on storytelling, media literacy, campaigning and advocacy, as well as creative communication and audiovisual tools for NGOs and governmental organisations. In 2018, Leo consulted for the PAIGC party in Guinea-Bissau on their election campaign strategy and  from 2021 took part in the creation of a series of campaigns for GENDERDOC-M.  Leo is fluent in six languages and works worldwide, spreading his knowledge and helping different organizations find their voice.

Levon Chilingaryan - Armenia

Levon (he) is a  human rights and healthcare activist, currently communication coordinator at New Generation Humanitarian NGO  a non-governmental organization established in Armenia in 1998 and working for the protection of socially vulnerable groups: LGBTQI+ people, sex workers, migrants, refugees and displaced populations, PLHIV, People who use psychoactive substances, Prisoners and detainees; Young people.

Linh NgoLePhuong- Viet nam

Linh (she) is a Program Officer of ICS Center – an organisation working in promoting diversity and equality for LGBTI people in Vietnam. She has experience in organizing VietPride, the biggest annual event of LGBTI community nationwide. She is also a YSEALI alumni and a member of Vietnam LGBTQ Leadership Development program. Currently, Linh leads Work with Pride – the first initiative that promote Workplace Equality in Vietnam.  She is raising participation of LGBTI community in governmental discussions of Labor Code Amendment. She also works in the task force to lead Equal Marriage movement in Vietnam.

Mamikon Hovsepyan - Armenia

Mamikon (he) is an LGBTQ activist and a Human Rights Defender living and working in Armenia. He started his activism in 2002. In 2007 Mamikon and three friends founded PINK Armenia, the leading LGBTQ organization in the country. Currently the Executive Director of PINK Armenia, Mamikon advocates for LGBTQ community empowerment, human rights protections at national and international levels.
Mamikon holds a degree in sociology, and a Masters Degree in Human Rights and Democratization. He specializes in health, human rights, and gender issues. In 2017 he received a Bob Hepple Equality Award for his work in advancing LGBT rights in Armenia. Mamikon is also a board member of such prominent organizations as Human Rights House Yerevan and GALAS based in Los Angeles, and has been working for 20 years for LGBTQ people in Armenia and Diaspora.

Mariano Ruiz – Argentina

Mariano (he) is a LGBTIQ+ human rights advocate. He holds board positions within influential organizations and consults for the World Bank and IOM. Mariano’s expertise in project management, public policy and strategic communications benefits vulnerable populations, particularly LGBTIQ+ individuals and refugees. His commitment is recognized through multiple fellowships and awards from global human rights institutions. He leads the LAC chapter of SOGI Campaigns, Derechos Humanos y Diversidad.

Marsel Tuğkan Gündoğdu - Turkey

Marsel works as a Program Officer at the European Union Sivil Düşün Program, supporting active citizens and civil society organizations throughout Türkiye.  He also is the founder of Kampanya+,  a queer campaigners support programme stemming out of Sogicampaigns. He is also Regional Coordinator at Global Grassroots Support Network. He also volunteers in the Political Participation Team at Social Policy, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation Studies (SPoD)
Previously, he worked as the Türkiye Consultant for ILGA-Europe for 5 years and has been carrying out advocacy and lobbying activities at both the EU and UN level for the human rights of LGBTI+ citizens in Türkiye.  He studied Comparative Literature for his bachelor’s degree and Social Projects and NGO Management for his master’s degree at Istanbul Bilgi University. His main focuses are campaigning, advocacy & lobbying, political participation, and constitutional demands of LGBTI+ citizens. He is alumni of Mercator Stiftung’s Turkey Europe Future Forum and member of Generation Democracy Program of International Republican Institute.

Maurice Tomlinson – Jamaica

Maurice (he) is a Jamaican lawyer and senior policy analyst with the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. He is counsel and/or claimant in cases challenging anti-gay laws before the most senior tribunals in the Caribbean, authors reports to international agencies on the human rights situation for LGBTI people in this region, conducts judicial and police LGBTI sensitization trainings, and facilitates human rights documentation and advocacy capacity-building exercises.
In 2012, Maurice received the inaugural David Kato Vision and Voice Award, which recognizes individuals who defend human rights and the dignity of LGBTI people around the world.

Michael Barron - Ireland

Michael (he) is the Founding Director of both BeLonG To, Ireland’s national LGBTI youth rights organisation, and EQUATE, a children’s rights organisation advocating for equality in education. He has worked with and on behalf young people nationally and internationally for twenty years.

During his time at BeLonG To he directed the development of a national network of LGBT supports and successfully advocated for significant policy and legislative change in the areas of children and young people, education, bullying, mental health, drug use and equality. His work has often focused on the intersections of identities, including strategies to support LGBTI refugees and migrants. He’s a seasoned public campaigner (on and off-line) and has directed campaigns on LGBTI awareness, anti-violence and freedom of religion and beliefs. Michael has written extensively on Equality and Human Rights and was awarded person of the year at the Gay and Lesbian Awards (GALA), the UCC LGBT Human Rights Award and the Irish USA Distinguished Leader Award (2015).

Midnight Poonkasetwattana – Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health

Midnight (he) is the executive director of APCOM. Founded in 2007, APCOM is a coalition of members – governments, UN partners, non-profits and community based organisations – from Asia and the Pacific. It aims to advocate on, highlight and prioritise HIV issues that affect the lives of men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people.

Otieno Peter Odongo - Kenya

Otieno (he) is a strategic communications practitioner, institutional systems strengthening catalyst, narrative enthusiast and dialogue facilitator who uses narrative approaches to promote inclusivity and reduce violence against LGBTIQ+ plus persons in Kenya. Presently, he is the Sogicampaigns Africa team lead, coordinating capacity building on public campaigning for 8African countries under the Free To Be me Program. Otieno is a proud parent to a lesbian identifying young woman.

Phong Vuong - Vietnam

Phong Vuong (he) is the Deputy Program Director of the Institute for Studies of Society, Economy & Environment (iSEE). Along with his colleagues, Phong works closely with organizations on the ground, policymakers and the public to build resilient and capable communities, create knowledge and connect stakeholders to advance LGBTI rights in Vietnam through advocacy and social campaign. Some notable achievements include the legalization of legal gender recognition for transgender people, the subsequent drafting of the Law on Gender Affirmation (with the Ministry of Health), the I Do campaign towards Marriage Equality and the Leave with Pride campaign that successfully advocated for a directive banning conversion therapy in Vietnam.

Rahman - Bangladesh

Rahman (he) is a human rights defender based in Bangladesh. With the expertise to use the digital and art medium as advocacy tools, he is working to sensitize the society on gender diversity and sexual orientation.

Ryan Silverio - Philippines / Asia Region

Ryan (he) is the current Regional Coordinator of the ASEAN SOGIE Caucus. He has been involved in LGBTIQ activism in the Philippines for more than a decade where he helped organized pride marches in Metro Manila and conducted human rights education with youth activists. He has worked with human rights and child rights organizations. His activism extends into the academe in his capacity as Senior Lecturer at the Department of International Studies of Miriam College in the Philippines where he teaches courses on gender, human rights and social research. He has co-authored publications focusing on children’s right to participation in ASEAN, human rights education, and migration and ICT. Ryan holds a Master of Arts in Human Rights degree obtained from Mahidol University, Thailand.

Sanjay Sharma - Nepal

Sanjay (he) has been a central activist to the Nepalese LGBTI Movement since 2003. He is currently the Program Director of Blue Diamond Society, Nepal’s largest non-governmental organization working for LGBT rights. He also founded the Federation of Sexual and Gender Minorities Nepal, which is the national network of all LGBTI rights organizations. His skills and expertise lie in running advocacy campaigns, organizing workshops and conferences, sensitizing and creating public awareness.

Sih-Cheng (Sean) Du - Taiwan

Sih-Cheng Du (he) is the Director of Policy Advocacy of Taiwan Tongzhi (LGBTQ+) Hotline Association. He has a master’s degree in Sociology from National Taiwan University. He is also the Board Member of Persons with HIV/AIDS Rights Advocacy Association of Taiwan. Among many other achievements, he is one of the key members in the cross-organizational advocacy team for marriage equality in Taiwan, responsible for organizing large events, participating in legislature lobbying, mobilizing the community and connecting resources, which has lead Taiwan to become the first country in Asia to achieve Marriage Equality

Shale Ahmed – Bangladesh

Shale (he) works with the Bangladeshi organisation Bandhu Social Society Welfare, which supports sexual health and welfare of sexual and gender minorities in the country. He brings expertise of working in an extremely difficult context and with muslim religious communities.

Taya Gerasimova - Ukraine

Taya (she) is an informational coordinator of Ukrainian’s LGBTQ NGO Insight and the editor-in-chief of edutament website for young people about sexuality and gender update.com.ua. She is in activism for more then 10 years. Before she began working with NGO, she held positions from a journalist to a deputy editor-in-chief in major mass media of the country. The spectrum of skills and interests include: communication strategy for NGOs, informational campaign development, content creating and distribution

Tamara Adrian – Venezuela

Tamara (she) is a lawyer and law professor, and has been a Trans activist in Venezuela, across Latin America and globally for many years. She has been working extensvely on legal reforms in Venezuela and the region. She has published extensively in several languages on the legal aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity. She is female co-president for International Lesbian Gay Transgender Law Association ILGALaw.

Toni Reis – Brazil

Toni (he) is the former President of the Brazilian LGBT federation ABGLT, a national umbrella organisation uniting 203 organisation and conducting information, lobbying, advocacy and campaigning activities. ABGLT has amongst many other achievements successfully lobby President Lula to officially recognize the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia in Brazil.

Vince Liban - The Philippines

Vince (he) is a human rights advocate fighting for gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, democracy, and youth empowerment.
In 2018, he was recognized as Youth Champion for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
He is currently the National Convener of the Philippine Anti-Discrimination Alliance of Youth Leaders (PANTAY), a youth-led lobbying community for the passage of the SOGIE Equality Bill in Congress and other gender-responsive legislation. Vince is also National Convener of Pride PH, the largest network of Pride organizers in the Philippines.

Wiktor Dynarski – Poland

Wiktor (they) are a PhD student at Warsaw University Institute of Applied Social Sciences, a trans*activist (within Poland and internationally, especially in Central Eastern Europe), author, researcher, blogger.
Freelance trainer and lecturer on trans issues, trans human rights, trans Polish history and internal NGO management.
Wiktor’s longest work experience was the time they spent at Trans-Fuzja Foundation, Poland’s first trans NGO. They became its volunteer in 2008, joined the board in 2009 and served as its Vice-President, became the International Affairs Officer in 2012 and settled as the President and Executive Director in June 2014. Wiktor left the presidential position as well as the organization in January 2017.
Between 2010 and 2014 Wiktor served as a Steering Committee member and later Co-chair of Transgender Europe – the European Network of trans organizations working for human rights of trans and gender variant people. Between 2013 and 2015 they served as a member (later also chair) of the Control Committee of TransFúzia, Slovakia’s first trans* association and between 2014 and 2016 as a member of Control Committee at Miłość Nie Wyklucza (Love Does Not Exclude), an organization working for marriage equality in Poland.

Wiktor Dynarski is now in New York as a program officer with the Open Society Public Health Program, where they focus on trans and intersex health and rights

Xiaogang Wei – China

Xiaogang (he) is the founder of the LGBT webcast Queer Comrades, and the Executive Director of the Beijing Gender Health Education Institute (BGHEI) which houses the webcast Queer Comrades. Founded in 2002, it constitutes one of the first Chinese NGOs to focus on issues of gender, sexuality and sexual health, thus fulfilling a pioneering role in Chinese society. He is also the curator of the Beijing Queer Film Festival for 2015 and 2016 and a board member of the Beijing LGBT Centre.  And a member of Technical Advisory Group of the UNDP “Being LGBTI in Asia” program.

Xiaopei He – China

Xiaopei (she) is anb indie film director and the Executive Director of Pink Space, a Non-Governmental
Organization. When Xiaopei was a teenager, she was a shepherd in the hills. After graduating from
university, she joined the Chinese Mountaineering Team and hit the Himalayas. From the 1990s, she devoted herself to the feminist and lesbian movement in China, and took part in the 1995 United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. Later she went to the UK to study sexuality and cultural studies. After graduating with a Ph.D. she returned to China to set up Pink Space, a project using films to represent invisibilised desires and lives.

Yen Nguyen Hai - Viet Nam

Yen (she) identifies herself as a queer women and has been engaging in lesbian grassroots activism since 2004. She worked in ICS Center, the organization of LGBTQ community in Viet Nam from 2008 to December 2017 as its Program director. She initiated and organized leadership programs and capacity/advocacy building workshops to young and student activists, and maintained relations with stakeholders including local LGBTIQ communities, youth allies, researchers, education sector, partners and donors, regional and global LGBTIQ organizations. She is very enthusiastic with building bridges among grassroots communities that work on diverse topics including mental health, gender equality, education, environment, etc., From 2018, she entirely works on feminist movement building with the focus on LBTQ community empowerment. She tries to learn new things, being more critical and strategic, and thriving to use feminist approach in every decision making.

Ying Xin - China

Ying Xin (a.k.a. Iron – She) xas the executive director of the Beijing LGBT Center in China, where she started the LGBT affirmed psychologists’ training and initiated the first national survey on social attitudes towards sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. She also initiated China’s first transgender hotline and LGBT affirming psychologists network. Ying is the co-curator of China women’s film festival and co-founder of guerrilla salon – a feminist salon in Beijing. Ying is a Fellow of the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum

Yuri Yoursky - Ukraine/Estonia

Yuri (he) is a Ukraine-born and Estonia-based LGBTI activist. Yuri holds a master’s degree in international relations and Europe-Asian studies, and he is obtaining a Ph.D. in Public Administration with a research topic of “Sustainable Organizational Development of Small Non-Profit NGOs”. Currently, Yuri works at ILGA World and previously served the LGBTI communities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia as a Programs Lead of ECOM – Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity. Previously, Yuri was part of the IGLYO (2018-2020) and ILGA-Europe (2020-2022) Boards and currently acts as a Board term at GNP+ (Global Network of People living with HIV). Yuri is a certified trainer on meaningful engagement with the UN Human Rights system and is an expert on the topics of non-profit organizational development, MEAL, and fundraising.