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Animate your activism in videos

Like many of us, you might be frustrated that your achievements are not better known by others. But how are you documenting your activities?

We were asked recently to do a publication on “Global good practice in campaigning” and we initially set out to write a nice ….report.

At the same time, we acknowledged that few people ever read these reports. 

So we turned to animated video format to document some of the good practice we had identified as particularly iconic of core campaign tactics. 

And here are the results

These videos of course don’t say it all. We kept them short and sweet, more like teasers, to draw attention to the full report. Which we hope you will read after watching these videos 🙂

Tactic 1: Finding effective messages and messengers: Poland

Tactic 2: Finding the right target audience: Costa Rica

Tactic 3: The value of an intersectional approach: Ukraine

Tactics 4: Integrating into the cultural fabric of a society: Nepal

Tactic 5: Mobilising supportive allies to become public: Zimbabwe

Tactic 6: Mitigating the impact of living in deeply homophobic and transphobic societies

And here is the beautiful report with much more information, which we hope you will now all want to read in full !