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A Grand’Ma and a good dose of humour to advocate for acceptance

“What do you notice?”  a Slovenian awareness campaign for LGBT equality

Organisers share insights on what mattered.         

In October 2017, the national LGBT organisation Legebitra launched “What do you notice?” (In Slovenian: “Kaj pa ti opaziš?”) awareness raising campaign. It was the biggest campaign to date to target the general population.

The main goal of the campaign was to fight homophobia and equip society with mental models of Lesbian and Gay couples as being similar to every other person’s everyday life.

To prepare the campaign, we analysed current Slovenian public opinion polls and the driving values of Slovenian people. Together with analysis of good foreign practice, we had background data to develop different messages aimed towards “the movable middle”.

We based the campaign on findings of the focus groups we conducted. The result was a series of videos whose main character is GrandMa, a very popular traditional figure in Slovenia. Through that, we reclaimed values (family, grandparents, tradition …) that are commonly used by our opponents (Neoconservative movements). Additionally we ran regional conferences, that were also made in partnership with local organisations in Slovenian towns, and with LGBT supportive speakers from local environment.

This way we are creating our own positive narrative and raising LGBT visibility in society. This is especially important in Slovenia, where neoconservative movements are gaining visibility in everyday life.


More info on the campaigns site