Engaging with supporters outside of campaigns

These precious insights were shared by the UK agency More Onion. More onion works with progressive non-profits to deliver high-impact digital campaigns and fundraising.

One of the biggest challenges of non-profits is how to keep their email audience engaged when there’s no campaigning action to take. Relationships with supporters shouldn’t stop just because you don’t want something from them right now, engaging communications are vital for year-round relationship development and growth. We have been especially impressed at AgeUK’s work in this area and wanted to share one example with you below.

What we love about their emails:

  • The tone and content are clearly developed with a strong understanding of their audience.
  • They clearly value the expertise and experience of their supporters and ask for their input as equals, not just using supporters to amplify the organisation’s own voice.
  • Their communications are brilliantly joined up with other parts of their work, including fundraising. In our experience, this pays off in terms of engagement and income.
  • They take the time to craft thoughtful loyalty emails showing the impact that your past actions and donations are having, not just in numbers, but through personal storytelling and photographs.