The Science of Posting on Social Media

By Shea Bennett Social Times

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The Science of Posting on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that studies have shown that the optimum number of tweets to send per day is three, and that for maximum engagement you should aim to post between 9am and 3pm Monday through Thursday?

And the worst time to tweet? Every day after 8pm.

When you think about it, it kind of makes sense. Twitter users are just regular people, and people are far more likely to be active online earlier in the day (i.e., goofing around at work) and particularly lunchtime (1pm to 3pm is a great time to tweet) than they are late at night.

On Facebook, aim for two posts per day between 1pm and 4pm, while Instagram content generates maximum ROI between 2pm and 5pm.

Check out the visual below for more insights on a number of social media platforms, including Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn, and comes courtesy of

The Science of Posting on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]