“Coronarratives” – Messaging in the time of COVID-19

Extraordinary situations call for extraordinary actions. Global pandemic caused by COVID-19 virus has created repercussions worldwide beyond a shadow of a doubt, but how to properly convey our messages, our mission and our on-going activities in the given state of affairs? There is a room for discussion and debate.

Whether you are a non-partisan activist, part of a local LGBTQ + movement, or simply a socially engaged individual working for a particular cause, your message inevitably needs to be adjusted and tailored to these conditions.

But, we keep circling around the question  – how?

We will try compiling several tactics and strategies!


Anthony Torres stipulates several important things – only by working together we can overcome the crisis. But, a very important notion – this situation is terrible, but it is not the first time that we find ourselves in a crisis like this.

LGBTQ activists also fought like this during the HIV epidemic.

It is important to say that it will be better for everyone if ALL of us are treated with equal respect and dignity. Because, at the end of the day, our destinies are tied, and we have to manage our actions so that we are intertwined with each other, and that by putting ourselves at the expense of others, we can very easily put ourselves at risk!

The way we direct our actions now will be good for us in the long run, and we will create a model of cooperation for the challenges and problems that await us after we finish the corona. Such as climate change.

You may continue reading some of Anthony’s messaging guidance HERE.


Although certain age categories are at higher risk of infection, we can all become infected with the virus, and numerous cases show that deaths may occur without previously acquired health problems.

The fact that we can all get sick means that only, after all, we are all people and we are all in the same problem. Thus there is a room to create a message that points out now is the time to overcome the differences between us.

Overcoming this unprecedented crisis also means that we all have to rely on each other. Whether you are white, Latino, LGBTQ, Native Americans … United and together in the fight against the virus, but also against those who send us misinformation, try to profit from the crisis and strive to maintain the status quo by bringing unrest, fueling deeply-rooted stereotypes and prejudices… These are some of useful advices from Anat Shenker-Osorio, communication expert and political pundit. Check out more HERE.


The Opportunity Agenda, an inspiring social justice communication lab, has issued recently messaging resources on COVID-19.

This contribution is of particular importance to our cause, as it focuses on race-class disparities in infection.

That is, although the virus inevitably affects everyone, reducing the risk means isolating and reducing social contacts, that is, having one’s own space, access to the healthcare, a job that can become remote… So, clearly some categories are more exposed to the virus than the others.

This crisis is actually a paramount opportunity to increase advocacy activities for the most vulnerable – for the poor, for the homeless, for the LGBTQ + community.

COVID-19 related messaging resources from OA might be found HERE.